Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been doing a Valentine’s Day post for about three years now and it’s always the most viewed post every year. It’s naturally become a tradition for Logan and me to take pictures every Valentine’s Day because of these posts (and an excuse to capture some fun pics!). The past two years I’ve done outfits and date ideas for this sweet holiday, but this year, I’m changing it up!

I think the reason why my Valentine’s Day posts (and my monthly updates) were so popular is because I unveiled my personal life through them, little by little. Since those posts have been so popular with you all, I’ll be unveiling some more through a Q&A! These are questions I’ve gotten through Instagram over the years from followers, but have always ignored (fear of sharing too much, I guess?). So without further a-do, here we go!


Where did you two meet?

We met in sixth grade, and I’ve had a crush on him ever since. It’s honestly pretty wild to think about! It was never a goal of mine be with someone I met in middle school and began dating in high school – it just happened that way.

What are you guys studying?

We’re both studying business –  he’s an analytics major and I’m a marketing major. It’s worked out pretty well so far. We compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses in school and we’ve shared many classses together. In work where we need to use more creativity, he tends to lean on me more; the same goes for me with him and analytical work.


Does Logan like taking blog pictures?

Hi folks, Logan here. I do enjoy taking them! It’s a great way to spend time with each other, and it helps us document all of our travels. Looking over the pictures from the day is something we always look forward to every time we decide to snap it up. Whether we’re admiring great shots or laughing at bloopers, it’s always a fun time!

(Sidenote: The picture above is 100% authentic. We were about to do a ‘run & jump’ picture and Sami was in the midst of saying, “Now, don’t you drop me!”)


How long have you guys been dating?

It will be four years this June. To us, it doesn’t feel that long! We still feel like we’ve only been dating a year. There’s still so much to learn about each other and where we are headed.


I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with joy & love. Thank you for your continuous support and interest in my little blog!