TSOS 2018

img_2866-1“Welcome to the School of Styling!” Every moment after I spotted the prettiest welcome sign was a dream. I enrolled in The School of Styling (TSOS) not knowing what it’d be like or what I would go home with. I was unsure of what I even want to do after college or with this blog, but I was able to connect and share with women that value the very same things I do. Things like detail, beauty, femininity, grace, passion, creativity. They were all so eager to help and give insight from their creative businesses/endeavors. During the workshop, we participated in flatlay styling, floral design, cake decorating, tabletop styling, and calligraphy. We also listened to topics on business longevity, creative marketing, lucrative learning, and aesthetics. The creative juices were flowing! I have always been a believer that a beautiful space fuels productivity and creativity, but this workshop really was a huge confirmation in that. It was evident how much careful curation was put into every special detail, from the ice cream sandwich truck to the flowers chosen to use in arrangements. I feel so grateful to have attended this workshop in Greensboro, NC at the McAlister-Leftwich house. Below, you will find so much beauty in all the pictures I took from that week and I hope you finish reading this blog post feeling inspired with an itch to create.img_4273