Postcards from Cape Cod

Logan and I had a great time exploring the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, despite the 20 mph winds and drizzly mornings. Here are some snapshots of our trip!img_1812img_2143

img_2001We stayed at The Seacrest Beach Hotel and it was located right on Old Silver Beach. According to all of our Uber drivers, it is the prettiest beach on the Cape! We also learned that the water on the outside of the Cape is 10 degrees warmer than Cape Cod Bay, which is on the inside of the Cape.img_2120

We woke up at 7:00 AM to take a walk through Spohr Gardens before we had to compete in a golf tournament. There were so many rhododendron trees and bushes in full bloom!

img_2063img_2100Oyster Pond at the Sphor Gardens.

img_2056The Gingerbread Cottages on Martha’s Vineyard.

img_2050Climbing garden roses right outside of my favorite cottage on the vineyard.img_2057img_2061Couldn’t go to Martha’s Vineyard without a trip to Vineyard Vines!img_1826Foggy views by the Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole.img_1836The first night we were there had the best sunset! I was able to capture some seafoam and the reflection of the sunset on the sand.img_2145Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole, MAimg_1833img_1781Logan and I were determined to find some crab legs in lobster country. We scored at the most charming place, Silver Lounge Restaurant. There was an elderly man playing the ragtime tunes on the piano!img_2055Fallen rhododendron petals in Martha’s Vineyard.img_1761This picture was from our second day at The Cape Club right before we began the tournament. I had my farthest drive (215 yds) and my farthest putt (65 ft)! Logan also chipped in for an eagle!

img_2048One of our Uber drivers was a coast guard and told us that shark week is filmed right off the coast of Chatham, MA (about an hour from our hotel). He also said that that the SS Pendleton shipwreck also took place off the coast of Chatham. So cool!img_1832The last day there, we went whale watching and saw a few finback whales! Whales spray water out of their blowholes (right) about five or six times before they come up for air (left). We also saw about three dozen sea lions swimming on their backs. It was truly amazing seeing these animals in their own habitat!