Creekside Flower Farm

Earlier this month, I had the chance to visit a flower farm that I’ve been following for a while. As soon as I found out that there were ranunculuses being grown, I had to go!



Meet Morgan! She is a local flower farmer/florist who runs her growing (literally) business located in Flintstone, GA.—right outside of Chattanooga. She gave Logan and me a tour of the farm and shared some of her knowledge about flowers. It was amazing to see all the hard work and passion she has put into every part of the flower-growing process. From her self-built greenhouse, to the blooming buds. I was in ranunculus heaven!





Visiting the farm was such a nice breath of fresh air.  I love this picture of a little ladybug crawling down the stem of a ranunculus.


Buckets full of ranunculuses, anemones, orlaya, and blue flax.

I was amazed by the quality of flowers straight from a farm versus from a grocery store. They lasted twice as long even without flower food.


I love any flower that opens up after its been cut, but ranunculuses are definitely my favorite. It’s so cool seeing the layers tightly enclosed within a bud and watching them unravel as they bloom. There’s so much natural beauty that grows from the Earth and I’m so thankful we have flowers and a flower farm like Morgan’s to remind us of that.



To find out more about Morgan and Creekside Flower Farm, visit her website here, or follow her on Instagram here and Facebook here. If you’re interested in bringing some of your own Creekside flowers home, you can learn more about her subscription program on her website, or follow her on social media to keep track of some pop-up shops at local Chattanooga businesses.