Postcards from Charleston

I’ve finally had the time to sit down and edit some of my pictures from Charleston, so I thought I’d share! I also posted a video of some scenes from Charleston that you can watch here.



This was my first time visiting Charleston and I left very pleased to say the least. There’s so much beauty, history, and color within the streets. Everywhere I looked there was a window box full of blooming flowers or a vine of wisteria draped across a garden fence.

One of the things I loved most about Charleston is when you walked through the city in the evening, it’s so quiet and peaceful because you have to be respectful of the residents around Tradd Street and Rainbow Row.


There were so many pretty flowers! We visited the Magnolia Plantation on Saturday and saw so many azaleas and camellias in the gardens.



Another thing I love about Charleston is all the pops of pink on every corner. Pink doors, pink houses, pink parking garages, you name it.



It was so fascinating to see all the basket-weaving ladies in action. Just another one of Charleston’s gems!


This guy is made entirely of hats! I counted about 16!

After dinner Sunday night, we stopped at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. This was the only meal I ate that didn’t include some type of seafood.

Azalea garden strolls.


I was so surprised by the peacock and how they allowed it to roam free on the plantation. It kept getting frightened by its reflection from the cars.



The Spanish Moss hanging from the trees adds a whimsical touch to Charleston.

These pictures were taken right off the dock of our hotel. I grew up on the east coast for five years, so it was nice waking up to boats on the water again.P1230450