Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


For Christmas, my mom gave me a recipe box, and since then it’s been my mission to fill it with recipes I love. Ones that I grew up with and ones that I’m learning and creating myself. The box is quickly filling up with recipes I can’t stop talking about. And these cinnamon rolls are just that! They are honestly some of the best I’ve ever eaten, and this recipe was the simplest of all I’ve tried (and failed). I found multiple recipes and sort of adjusted them to put together what’s written below. I tried to condense it to fit on my recipe card, so for a more detailed version, I found a recipe similar to this one here.


  • I recommend using a dish that’s big enough for the rolls to grow. They need room to breathe! If they are too crowded, then the dough won’t bake thoroughly and won’t rise properly.
  • You can freeze half the batch and save it for later in an air-tight container no longer than three months.
  • For the icing, I used vanilla bean. I think it adds a little more flavor. So good!
  • No Kitchen-Aid necessary! I mixed this all by hand and it turned out perfectly fine.