“start an inspiration board.”



“start an inspiration board.”

At the beginning of this year, Kate Spade began a campaign called “365 days of joy” on their instagram story and I just adore them! They post a new way to spread kindness or joy every day. This one was posted the day I gave my inspiration board speech in my public speaking class. The assignment was to create an inspiration board that included our values, our life philosophy, our interests, and our goals. Ever since then, I’ve been so intrigued by the inspiration board idea and decided to kick it up a notch and make one for my dorm.

In my speech, I spoked about my family and friends, the people and things that inspire me, and what I hope to accomplish. People always say that if you write your goals down, you’re more likely to accomplish them. I think an inspiration board is an even better way to “write” them down though, especially when it’s a 24″ by 18″ cork board hanging on my wall. I have no choice but to look at it every day! It’s staring me right in the face when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning or picking out my outfit for the day. It’s like a constant reminder to keep working harder.


On the top left corner, there’s a picture from the book kate spade new york: places to go people to see of Paris, France. Last semester, I applied to study Fashion Marketing in Paris and I got accepted! And with two scholarships! Unfortunately, I ended up not going because I just didn’t think the time was right. I put it on my board because it is still a goal of mine to go to Paris and study fashion before I graduate.

Right beside that picture is my lovely Gram Smith that I just adore to pieces. She is such a doll!! If you follow me on instagram and you’ve seen my insta-stories, then you’ve probably seen me mention her being a Rockette. She has so many cute stories from those dancing days, but my favorite is when she asked people if they could tell which Rockette she was. She just tells them “look for the one with the pretty legs.”


As far as the flowers go, I am constantly looking for flowers, whether it’s along a Sunday stroll or at the farmer’s market. Flowers are my go-to for inspiration when it comes to painting. Logan always tells me that I could be an art major, but if they didn’t let me paint and draw flowers, I would probably fail.

If it’s not flowers, its shoes and purses and dresses. It’s so much more to me than wanting “nice” things or being “materialistic”. I am so in love with the artistic side of it all. It’s all the time and detail that goes into it all. I love the embellishments and fabric. Fashion is such a beautiful form of art that we all participate in every single day.



I also included my favorite two quotes on the board:

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” – Esther 4:14

“Think about what could go right.” – Unknown




I think everyone at any age should make an inspiration board and hang it somewhere you can see it every day. It’s such a good reminder to see the people, places, and things that inspire my life and my work.

In short, here’s a list of everything on my inspiration board that has inspired me or caught my eye recently:

cheetah print, Paris, ranunculus, tutus on the beach, Gram Smith, J. Crew, my mom, kate spade bow flats, Esther 4:14, my best friends, Oscar, watercolors, peonies, “Fuchsia – for autumn brilliance” (Vogue cover), a pale blue handbag

What/who inspires you? I’d love to hear about it!