Day Trip to Mackinac Island

Every year I visit my family in Michigan and sometimes I get the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite places of all time, Mackinac Island. This year, Logan tagged along and was able to experience the quaint little island with me back in June. The tulips and lilacs were in full bloom, the fudge was as amazing as ever, and the bike rentals were in full swing. I’ve been to the island many times before when I was younger, but my appreciation for it does nothing but grow every time I step foot off the ferry.

There were so many rows and patches of tulips along our bike ride and I wanted to stop to take pictures of every one of them.

It was soo chilly and rainy that day, so I quickly changed from my ruffled cotton blouse and espadrilles into a long-sleeved t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Logan and I rented a tandem bike and I was a little nervous about it a first (because I am a better biker than he is lol) but I eventually got comfortable with putting my feet up on the middle bar and my hands in my pockets.

Mackinac Island prohibits all kinds of motorized transportation, so the only way around is by bike, horse, or foot. Even the police officers have to ride bikes.

These cards inspired me to go home and dig out my watercolor palette and sketchbook and ever since then I’ve been painting my own cards and pictures. I also painted a bigger version of arch rock (top row, middle card) to hang above my bed.

For lunch, we ate at The Pink Pony on Main Street.

I wish we had more than a day to explore because we didn’t even see the half of it, but I can’t wait until next time.