Afternoon Tea


Last weekend, my friends and I went to a little tea room for an afternoon snack that is actually quite filling. I’ve been wanting to go to this place ever since I moved here last semester! I ordered the “Afternoon Tea” package which includes one tea selection, four finger sandwiches, one scone, and four pastries.


Last year, I had a tea party for my birthday at Chez Philippe and that’s when I discovered my love for earl grey tea. I’m very picky when it comes to tea, so earl grey is what I order each time.


One of my favorite parts of a tea package is the variety that is offered. I’m one of those people who gets tired of the flavor quickly, so this way, I’m able to take a bite of each sandwich or pastry one at a time and not get tired of the taste.


The sandwich selection:

egg salad, cucumbers & cream cheese, tomatoes & cheese, salmon spread



The pastry selection:

shortbread cookie, gingersnap, vanilla sandwich cookie, mini brownie


The service was friendly and the prices were decent. The total for all of our meals was the price of one tea package at Chez Philippe. The English Rose is definitely a price friendly tea experience if you’re looking for something elegant yet inexpensive.